Shaireen Butt

Shaireen Butt

Meet Ms. Shaireen Butt a Newbie in the World of Fashion and Art but she is one with a Diversity when it comes to being Talented.

At a age of just 22 she is quickly making her name as a FASHION MODEL  /  LEATHER DESIGNER  / and a TATTOO ARTIST .

Born and Brought up in the Queen of Hills # Darjeeling # ,  She is helping change  the scenario of  pursuing stereotype Ambition and Careers coming from a small developing town .


She currently resides in Kolkata , India pursuing  Leather Designing from  National  Institute of Fashion Technology .


Ms Shaireen Butt has also been featured with many Indian brands, Recently she was featured as the face of a New Ethnic Brand # DOOR OF MAAI # .



Ms Shaireen Butt  also is equally passionate about Tattooing  and has often been brushing up her talents with many new design and art. Black Tide Tattoos & Arts

Untitled design

We here at Attire Freak fully appreciate her work and wish her all the luck on her fresh new journey and hope that soon we get to see more of her inspiring work.


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